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Bugs are a nuisance that can never be fully eliminated. They seem to find their way into your home and cause problems every year, no matter how diligent you are in keeping them out. In this blog post, we will discuss 9 natural ways to keep bugs out of your home. 

Keep your house clean and tidy to discourage bugs

Bugs are a regular nuisance in many homes. They can be hard to get rid of, and the more you have in your home, the harder it is to keep everything clean. Some bugs like roaches can also carry diseases that make life uncomfortable for all members of your family. Luckily there are some easy ways to discourage them from coming into your house and making themselves at home. 

  1. Make sure that all food items are sealed up tightly or stored away so they cannot get access inside your cabinets or pantry – this includes pet food as well!
  2. Keep any dirty dishes cleaned up right away before they sit around too long soaking up water and attracting even more pests (and bacteria).
  3. Try not to leave any standing water around outside your homes, such as in potted plants or pet dishes. Pests tend to like this water and may come into your home looking for a drink. Be sure to change out their water often to prevent this from happening!
  4. Keep your yard and garden nice and tidy. Pests are more likely to hang around if there is plenty of cover for them in your yard – grass clippings can be too much for them sometimes so it’s best not to leave any lying around that you don’t need anymore!
  5. A good tip is also to place some cedar chips under the mulch in your flower beds and near your bushes and trees. This will help keep pests away from these areas as well – they’re just not going to want to go near the scent of cedar if they have a choice!

Eliminate all sources of standing water if you have a pond or fountain in the yard

Many people have ponds or fountains in their yards. They serve as a beautiful and relaxing addition to the landscape, but they can also be potential sources of mosquito breeding sites if you don’t take precautions. Standing water is an ideal home for mosquitoes because it offers them food and shelter from predators.

Mosquitoes carry diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Malaria, Dengue Fever, and more. These viruses are not only dangerous to humans; they’re also deadly to animals such as birds and horses that might come into contact with them too! It’s important to eliminate all sources of standing water around your home to ensure that you aren’t contributing to the risk of spreading these diseases. 

You can purchase drain covers to plug any drains that might be a source of standing water inside or outside the house – this works well for gutters, downspouts, and other areas where rainwater tends to be allowed to collect.

Seal cracks around windows, doors, and other openings with caulk to keep pests out

Pests are drawn to your home or business by the warmth and shelter that it provides. Seal cracks around windows, doors, and other openings with caulk to keep pests out of your living space.  Pests already in your house will also be kept from expanding into other areas. 

Put cedar oil on cotton balls and place them around the rooms of your house – this is a natural insect repellent that many people turn to when they don’t want bugs hanging around. Pest control spray products can contain harmful chemicals, so keeping things natural like this is always going to be the best option!

Make sure you have working screens on all of your windows and doors – checking them every spring/summer for tears or holes before you start having problems with pests in your home is a great way to prevent an infestation that could cost you money and time. Pests can break through these screens if they’re too worn out, so maintaining these is critical to keeping them out of your house.

Pest Control Mesa, AZ

Install screens on windows and doors so that insects can’t get inside

Many insects can get inside your house, but installing screens on windows and doors will keep these pests out of your home. Screens not only keep bugs out but also help with airflow in the summertime. They offer more protection from harsh weather conditions too! Screens come in different materials and colors to match any style or budget you have. Pests like wasps and hornets can be hard to keep out too if they decide to get inside – try spraying them with a mixture of water and vinegar (2 parts vinegar, 1 part water) that will help kill them. If this doesn’t work for you, you might want to consider calling Pest Control professionals!

Clean up any food residue outside or inside your home – this will encourage bugs to go elsewhere for their next meal

Do you have food residue outside or inside your home that is attracting bugs? If so, it’s time to clean up! Cleaning up the food residue will help discourage pests from coming around. 

Bugs can be a nuisance and they often leave behind droppings and other unsanitary conditions. It may not seem like much but if left unchecked, these things can result in diseases spreading quickly through your household. These are just some of the reasons why cleaning up after any spilled foods is important!  The first step for anyone who wants to start taking care of their home would be to stop bringing in new pests by removing any food spills from floors or countertops as soon as possible. Then once all the sticky mess has been cleaned off, Pest Control professionals can take care of the rest!

Bundle up firewood and store it differently than inside the home

Pests love finding places to hide so if you stack it near where you live they’ll be happy to take refuge there until they realize it’s not safe for them. Pest control spray products can contain harmful chemicals, so keeping things natural like this is always going to be the best option!

Make sure any firewood that you keep outside is stored at least ten feet from any structure or building – this will help prevent pest problems around your home. Pests are drawn in by heat, so don’t burn anything in a barrel or other container that will allow those ashes to build up too much warmth against the house.

Put your trash cans where they’re not freely accessible by pests

You should also invest in a good lid that will keep any smells from leaking out onto the ground.  Pests are attracted to smells so if you can keep the smell contained that will help. Pests also love to hang out near your doorways and windows because they are looking for an easy way in. Not only can it be a hassle, but it is unsightly too.  Pests can also leave droppings and urine in these areas which will make your home look like it has not been cleaned for months.

Too many times people are so focused on making their homes look nice from the inside that they often forget about the outside. This includes the landscaping too. Once you have a few trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers around your home you have a lot of ground to cover with Pest Control treatments. Pests love to live in this sort of environment because they can be protected pretty easily by climbing high into the branches or hiding between some taller plants.

Clean up any messes or spills in your yard

If you see a little spill of something sticky like syrup or honey, clean it up before Pests have a chance to get at it. Routinely inspect and trees and bushes regularly so that anything suspicious can be taken care of early on. Pesticides also work great for bug infestation problems around your home because they often contain poisons that will kill any pests quickly without having to touch them directly. Make sure to always read the warning labels on treatments carefully before using – sometimes these products are not meant to be used on a certain type of plant, flower, or bush.

Hidden pet food is a recipe for pests

Some products are suggested by pest control professionals to make it even harder for pests to gain entry into the home – but most of these require professional application because they will require some preparation time on the part of  Pest Control Services. You’ll want to make sure that any Pest Control technician you hire is licensed and insured. Any Pest Control service that isn’t licensed should be avoided at all costs because you could end up wasting time and money. Pests are an inevitable part of life when it comes to living in the world today – but they don’t have to be a burden on your busy schedule! By following these tips, anyone can make sure their Pest Control problems remain under control without having to worry too much about it or spend a lot of time on housework while they wait for Pest Control treatments to take effect…

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